StackMotion App Reviews

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Complicated UI

This app is not user friendly at all.

The best App ever


Stupid App

This app is very badly designed ---very confusing interface. How the heck can anyone mask images with a finger. I deleted the app. What a waste of money!

Stop the video

Ok forced myself to play with it for a while and found that is works very well but the never ever ending video repeating itself when you start the app has to stop, its enough to drive you nuts, other than that it is very good at what its meant for, (the social media poster) for myself I need more than a 30 second video or slide show, the app runs very smooth and the masking tool is ok but just hard to do on the iPhone screen size, would be nice to have some brightness adjustment or something to help blend the foreground with the background. Thanks.

Very creative with a variety of options

Cool app that give you a variety of options for video and photo fusion.


This one is a keeper. Improved my video editing time enormously. Great overlay option adds ability to create personal watermarks as well if you make your own logo. If it is to difficult in the app, other apps like Union, ArtStudio and Photowizard can help you make a mask (.png). However, this app saves you time if you can master masking inside the app and is satisfactory to the point where I dont need another app to make a mask.

Very nice

Works very well for fun projects. Recommend it.

Having a blast

Day two with app,cant believe what Im seeing Lots to learn but Ill get it.spending to much time with app! Dishes are waiting..........

Not bad, but

Please get rid of that horrible background music. It cost you two stars from me, and is a huge annoyance.


I have Popagraph and its awesome but StackMotion takes photo editing to a whole new level. Wow...

Lots of work for little payoff

I was hoping to get something more like adobes magic lasso instead of having to be perfectly exact with my finger to outline the subjects in the foreground. This was a waste of $2

Easy to use

I,ve tried other apps like this, most seemed to have way too many features to use effectively or were difficult to use. Stack Motion was simple, and made putting cut outs on to other backgrounds very easy. It is in SERIOUS need of a normalizing filter to more match the foreground and back grounds. Or the ability to adjust the built in filters. Also, Why is it NOT an Ipad app?

Most annoying useless app

The other reviews must be plants...not a whole lot of instruction and they have to most annoying default setting with music and animation that you cannot turn off. Had to delete the app just for the annoying factor...this is not the app your looking for...move on.

Rip off

HORRIBLE!!! I want my money back!!

So not worth it

I bought this because I loved Clefit, which was made by the same company. Thats not being maintained so... Anyway, this is the least intuitive app I have ever used. The default project as the basis is counterintuitive and frustrating. I have to delete all their content in order to create a new one, and the menu disappears. Flambe, please, for the love of God, just update Clefit and change the name to something less confusing and more appropriate for what it does. It was by far the best app that Ive used. This is one of the worst.

Save your money

This app doesnt work. Dont let the cool little intro video fool you. Does. Not. Work.

Must-have new app for your photos!

Flambé studios has done it again. Another amazing new app giving you even more ways to show off your photos. Easy to use and so many options to play with. Im going to stop writing now so I can get back to stackmotion. Get yours today and let the fun begin!


After editing and masking, photo will not save as the app shows the picture

Minor tweaks

Yeah, the features are cool. I downloaded it to put .GIF files in the background, though thats not an option. Hopefully itll come out in a later version!

Wont save

The video wont save AT ALL! Dont waste your money because this is a piece of trash! Sure, it makes the video and all that stuff but it WILL NOT SAVE

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